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Ahmadiyya dating site

He tells us that high illiteracy rates, particularly in Pakistan, allow this anti-Ahmadi narrative to go unchallenged.

"It's manipulation on a wide scale." Across the Arabic-speaking world, there is no official legislation attacking the community.

Through missionaries and its main charity, Humanity First, they aim to improve impoverished communities by providing services and building infrastructure.

"In Pakistan, for example, when the earthquake happened we set up a camp, we set up marquees and we were providing hot food and shelter to the people there," Hanif Shakir, head of operations at Humanity First, told .

In the words of the community's current caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad: "When loving your country is a basic element of Islam, how can any true Muslim exhibit disloyalty or betray his nation and thereby forgo his faith?

" As well as explaining the community's absence from the Arab Spring, this is yet a further example of their peaceful reading of Islam.

Pop-up exhibitions are also set up at the 200-acre site on Oaklands Farm near Alton.

Ahmadis are an international sect of Muslims that believe in reviving what they believe to be the "true" version of Islam – one centred on peace, tolerance, and integration.

This secular notion clearly contrasts with the current political landscape of the Middle East, which is often defined by religion and sectarianism.

So much so that they refuse to even stand up against a government that oppresses them.

This is reflected in their non-participation in the transnational Arab Spring uprisings. Of course when there is a civil war going on you have to leave to survive.

"When the Arab Spring started, the head of the community said that the behaviour of the Ahmadi Muslims should be that they obey an established government," explains Ahmed Ahmad, a Syrian refugee who fled the country with his brother in 2014. But the other equally important reason was because there was no life there any more for the Ahmadis." For Ahmad and his brother, opposing the regime was never an option.

"I can say Ahmadis are very obedient," he explains.

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However, the discrimination against them spills over borders and affects Ahmadis living in other countries.