Dating an alpha female

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Dating an alpha female

We can be dominant or passive in our behaviors, depending on the situation and the person we are interacting with.

Most of us have a combination of both alpha and beta (masculine and feminine, yin and yang).

Or, the soulful coward who can’t seem to avenge the murder of his family is our solid beta.

These characters make for excellent, dynamic story telling.

He calls all the shots and isn’t afraid to get physical or vocal.

She’s in charge, likes control and doesn’t care for your sappy emotions.She doesn’t need friends: instead, she chooses to want them.She is “I am woman, hear me roar” whether you like it or not—and you better like it if you want to date her, cause she’s not budging.) The alpha male is always uncompromising and arrogant.She said I needed to realize and own the fact that I was an alpha female so I could navigate the waters of dating more successfully to achieve my goals. I certainly don’t have any issues communicating or asserting myself in a healthy way but does that really make me a dominant alpha?She said I needed to date appropriately to my type.

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