Expectations in dating

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Expectations in dating

That’s fine—as long as you’re occasionally open to dating someone different.“If you’re always dating the same type, you may not even realize all the other qualities you’re attracted to,” Beyer says.

The fix: Part of the fun of dating is going out on the town, but being equally cool spending an evening at home is key for a long-term relationship.

The line from the song goes like this: When you go out shopping, you try on brand new clothes.

To see if something fits or not, there’s just one way to know. You might as well just try me on before you turn me down. I walk into a store — even ones I frequent — and sometimes I don’t know how something is going to fit until I try it on.

While the second date may not lead to love, it can help break the cycle of only considering one type of girl.

When you tell the guys what happened on your date, pay attention to what you share.

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