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Is kasey kahne dating anyone

Not whitewater rafting, because I wouldn't want to wear a helmet all day, but a river where you'd have some rapids and have some smooth water, too.

You'd carry a cooler with you and just have a full day of floating with your friends, basically. I've never done that, but I think that'd be an awesome day.

I'd get all the right pavement to where it would chew the tires up and you had a huge falloff because of tire wear.

That would cost a lot of money, I think — and you'd have to repave more often, which I think is why they don't do that.

A: Usually I just kind of keep it to myself and get over it after a couple days.

It's easy when it's just once in awhile and you can talk to people about situations and figure out how to fix them.

Our series of NASCAR driver interviews continues this week with Kasey Kahne, who is currently in his third season driving for Hendrick Motorsports.

A: I don't know, because I have my own opinions on everyone. I have mixed emotions on everyone, including the way I was raised.

So I'd just take bits and pieces from everyone and try to explain that and just be kind of our own deal.

Kahne replaced Mark Martin at Hendrick Motorsports at the beginning of 2012.

Kasey Kahne, right, took owner Richard Petty to victory lane for the first time in 364 races in June 2009 at Sonoma.

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5 Hendrick Motorsports crew at Indianapolis Motor Speedway after Kahne snapped a 102-race winless streak on July 23, 2017.

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