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To do so, each station licensee must affirmatively identify those needs and problems and then specifically treat those local matters that it deems to be significant in the news, public affairs, political and other programming that it airs.

As discussed at page 29 of this Manual, each station must provide the public with information about how it has met this obligation by means of quarterly reports, which contain a listing of the programming that it has aired that the licensee believes provided significant treatment of issues facing the community.

One of those is the Media Bureau, which has day-to-day responsibility for developing, recommending, and administering the rules governing the media, including radio and television stations.

The FCC’s broadcast rules are contained in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”), Parts 73 (broadcast) and 74 (auxiliary broadcast, including low power TV, and translator stations).

It provides a brief overview of the FCC’s regulation of broadcast radio and television licensees, describing how the FCC authorizes broadcast stations, the various rules relating to broadcast programming and operations with which stations must comply, and the essential obligation of licensees that their stations serve their local communities.

from your local broadcast station, or by calling the FCC toll-free at 1-888-225-5322 (1-888-CALL FCC).

This document can also be found on the Commission’s website at The Public and Broadcasting (July 2008), and as a PDF with updated links.

[ Note: Page numbers in the text below refer to pages in the original PDF version.

Use the PDF version for easier printing and distribution.

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Our rules of practice and procedure can be found in Title 47 CFR, Part 1.

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